Whiskey Decanter Sets – What to look for!

whiskey decanter sets
whiskey decanter sets

It became world-famous with the Film Noir of the 1940s and 50s and the popular hard-boiled thrillers about Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe: The Whiskey Decanter. Unforgotten are the scenes with stars like Burt Lancaster or Humphrey Bogart, who pour themselves a “proper” drink from a glass decanter or offer it to their guests. And even today, whiskey decanters still enjoy great popularity in many home bars. In this guide, I tell you what you should look out for when buying. Whiskey decanter sets will save you some money as the decanters come along with some glasses.

How to recognize a good whiskey decanter?

There are several things to be considered, when you are looking for a good decanter: the material, the design, the size, the Airtight seal and of course the price.

The quality of the glass

Whiskey decanters are available in every quality: the variants range from simple, industrially produced versions to very fine and elegant whiskey decanters for the discerning connoisseur. Most decanters are now made of crystal glass, which promises a high brilliance and durability.

The value of a whiskey decanter depends on the way of processing as well as the quality of the glass, its thickness, and brilliance. From our experience, we would therefore always recommend buying a whiskey decanter from a well-known manufacturer. Experienced glassworks such as Spiegelau and Nachtmann, Eisch or Villeroy & Boch have years of experience in the production of high-quality glassware and use their knowledge to produce exquisite whiskey decanters.

The design of the whiskey decanter

Apart from the quality of the glass, the design of a whiskey decanter is the most important thing when buying a whiskey decanter. After all, a decanter, draped as a stylish accessory in the living room or study, looks extraordinarily elegant and sophisticated. Two different styles can be distinguished when designing whiskey decanters:

Classic glass decanters are based on a traditional design, which refers to older motifs and styles.

Modern whiskey decanters are often designed more unusually, ranging from minimalist designs with clear lines to organic motifs.

The perfect size

Most whiskey decanters are designed in such a way that a standard whiskey bottle fits comfortably into the glass body. Common volumes for decanters are 750 or 1,000 ml. Larger variations are found in the height and width of whiskey decanters. The dimensions of the decanter are especially important for storage. If the decanter is to stand on the sideboard or couch table, the dimensions are less important than if the decanter is to be stored in a bar cabinet, bar trolley or globe bar. Ideally, therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the dimensions before buying and then decide on the most suitable whiskey decanter.

The tight closure

Whiskey decanters are used for the stylish storage of whiskey (or other noble spirits). To prevent the fine single malt from losing its aromas too quickly, the storage conditions are of crucial importance. Besides temperature and light, it is mainly oxygen that gives the whiskey its aroma. The whiskey then oxidizes and is soon perceived as less flavor-intensive in tasting.

Whiskey decanters are sealed with a glass cork. To ensure that the taste of the whiskey is impaired as little as possible, one should make sure that the cork closes tightly and that as little air as possible cannot get into the whiskey in the decanter. When storing whiskey in a decanter, it is therefore important to ensure that the level is kept as high as possible.

Are there a whiskey decanter sets with glasses?

In addition to a stylish whiskey decanter, you will of course also need whiskey glasses that are as suitable as possible for the sophisticated enjoyment. It is practical if the manufacturer offers glasses in identical design in addition to the decanter. This way the style remains pleasantly consistent. Many of the common decanters are therefore available in practical whiskey sets, which contain two to four tumbler glasses in addition to the whiskey decanter. These whiskey decanter sets are often very attractively priced.

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